17 February 2011

SISC47~The ABCs of an ABC!

Ok - so I made this last year... Guilty!  I still love it, and use it!  It is my specialty pencil & skin tone Copics caddy.  Oh, and paper snips.  They slide to the bottom, though, and then I can't find them... But that's a problem for another day!

ANYwhoo...This is Pierrette, from Les Coquettes.  She and her sistahs RAWK!  (Spoken like the true Maine-ah I am!)  Do you have a favorite ABC project?  I would LOVE to see it!  Visit the SISCo Facebook page and upload for everyone to love on!

Personally, I really love ABC projects - I have wall hangings and one of my favorite walls has three frames with scrapbooking layouts that I change out every so often.  And journals - I love to get little spiral bound 'chubby' notebooks and make Gratitude Journals (thank you, Oprah!) for my friends.  I should get back to that - so uplifting and a great gift.  What's better than spreading joy, right?!  Not much! Anyway... Pierrette:


A Work in Progress~

Building up a place that I can post my goodies, have a little fun and connect!  I hope the palette doesn't burn your eyes - I'm having a lot of fun playin with this... I have to admit, Blogger has come a loooong way from where it was a few years ago!    SO - I got the cool slideshow-thing going, a hiccup in the Follow Me section - stay tuned! - and a picture of my dog.  I think we're set!   How about a card to tide you over until I get crafting again?  (If you can hang in until the slideshow ends, there is some pretty cool stuff in there!  Funny, I really didn't like most of these when I was working on them!)

15 February 2011


Working out the bugs!

What a silly dog... Love that girlie!!