13 August 2011

A Very GROOVY Blog Hop!

Wow - a personal blog post... Where do I even start?!  Right - a Very GROOVY Blog Hop!  If you're visiting here after being WOWed by Audrey, you're in the right place!  I was going to make some witty comment about not wanting to follow up behind the amazing HippieAud, but of course, that would be silly since the same goes for every Groovy Gurl in the Asylum!  Nevertheless, here we are, right on task!  

If you are just joining in on the fun right now, StampInsanity is hosting a Very GROOVY Blog Hop, led by awesome Tina (thanks for all the hard work, Tina!) ~ who has issued a challenge to use the following sketch, by fellow Gurl Kelli, along with some flowers.  Here goes:  *deep breath*  ...it's been so long!

Kelli's sketch:

My slightly altered version:

This is Roder.  He's available at Stampinsanity.com/store along with Lita.  Rock on!  How cool is this faux enamel?  The pic looks wonky, but it really makes a cool effect.

And one last close up of handsome Roder, just cuz. 

Moving on!  Next up is sketch Queen, Kelli!  Be sure to let her know her sketch is a totally groovy one with a zillion possibilities, ok?

Now, go see what Kelli has going on for you!  And be sure to leave a comment on the main blog for your chance to win some FREE DIGIS!

17 February 2011

SISC47~The ABCs of an ABC!

Ok - so I made this last year... Guilty!  I still love it, and use it!  It is my specialty pencil & skin tone Copics caddy.  Oh, and paper snips.  They slide to the bottom, though, and then I can't find them... But that's a problem for another day!

ANYwhoo...This is Pierrette, from Les Coquettes.  She and her sistahs RAWK!  (Spoken like the true Maine-ah I am!)  Do you have a favorite ABC project?  I would LOVE to see it!  Visit the SISCo Facebook page and upload for everyone to love on!

Personally, I really love ABC projects - I have wall hangings and one of my favorite walls has three frames with scrapbooking layouts that I change out every so often.  And journals - I love to get little spiral bound 'chubby' notebooks and make Gratitude Journals (thank you, Oprah!) for my friends.  I should get back to that - so uplifting and a great gift.  What's better than spreading joy, right?!  Not much! Anyway... Pierrette:


A Work in Progress~

Building up a place that I can post my goodies, have a little fun and connect!  I hope the palette doesn't burn your eyes - I'm having a lot of fun playin with this... I have to admit, Blogger has come a loooong way from where it was a few years ago!    SO - I got the cool slideshow-thing going, a hiccup in the Follow Me section - stay tuned! - and a picture of my dog.  I think we're set!   How about a card to tide you over until I get crafting again?  (If you can hang in until the slideshow ends, there is some pretty cool stuff in there!  Funny, I really didn't like most of these when I was working on them!)

15 February 2011


Working out the bugs!

What a silly dog... Love that girlie!!